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Heidi Thompson

Executive Director - Private Wealth


Heidi is a highly experienced trustee having 20 years experience of working in the trust industry. Heidi is STEP qualified and holds a First Class Honours Degree in Management with Trust and Estate. Within her previous role at a major international bank, Heidi worked with UHNW families and individuals to find the right solutions for their needs with a particular interest in working on family governance to look after future generations whilst also considering families philanthropic interests.

Heidi has worked with clients based in the Middle East, U.K. Res Non-Doms and in more recent years high profile families based in the Far East who have chosen Jersey as a jurisdiction due to its excellent wealth management services, trust laws and the professionalism of those who work in the industry which is something Heidi cares passionately about.

Heidi was promoted to Executive Director - Private Wealth in March 2019 and is a member of the Fiduchi Board of Directors.

When the opportunity arises Heidi enjoys time with her family trying things that scare her, or on a more sedate weekend watching films, walking and reading.


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6 Reasons For Using A Trust

Examining the advantages for personal and commercial financial planning.

Many people still seem to associate the use of offshore trusts solely with tax planning. However, the reality is that offshore trusts now offer much more than that.

October 7, 2019
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The Family Business – Passing Power Down to the Next Generation

Is it time to stop and think about how Asian entrepreneurs of the 60’s & 70’s wish their legacy business to continue in the future?

For entrepreneurs of the 60’s & 70’s, it's time to stop and think about how they wish their legacy business to continue in the future in terms of continuation, capabilities and desire of the next generation to take over the family business.

June 26, 2019
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Understanding Private Trust Companies (PTCs)

Helpful guide

What is a Private Trust Company? Why would you use one, and what are the other considerations around a PTC? These are some of the questions answered in this helpful article.

August 21, 2018
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