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Why Jersey?

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An International Finance Centre

Jersey has been a leading international finance centre (IFC) for more than 50 years. Thanks to a forward-thinking approach, Jersey is at the forefront of wealth management, funds, capital markets and banking, plus the specialist areas of Islamic finance, fintech, philanthropy and socially responsible investing.

From its Jersey headquarters, Fiduchi has been servicing clients around the globe with sophisticated structuring solutions for over 25 years.
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Services for private clients, corporates, employees, funds and yacht owners are available around the world. However, advisors and individuals will naturally wish to utilise these from a reputable well-regulated jurisdiction such as Jersey.

6 reasons why you should consider Jersey

Jersey is recognised as a co-operative jurisdiction by the EU (white-listed).

Award-winning jurisdiction and recognised by for its high standards by: OECD, FATF and MONEYVAL.

Robust legal framework and independent judiciary.

Independent and not part of the UK: 800 years of self-government.

English speaking and a minimal time difference to Central Europe;

Jersey conforms to the latest EU legislation for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What sets Jersey apart as an ideal jurisdiction for all types of financial services is its robust regulatory framework and political and economic stability.

As a jurisdiction at the forefront of global finance for more than 50 years, and with more than 13,200 finance industry employees, Jersey is ready to service and support the needs of HNW Individuals and corporates who require bespoke financial service solutions.


Jersey has one of the largest number of finance industry professionals of any IFC; giving it a vast pool of expertise to draw upon.


Jersey adheres to,and is often an early adopter of, global standards set by the UK, EU, US and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).


A modern business environment with more than 13,200 professionals supported by apolitically stable government.


Jersey has a central time zone, making it easy to do business around the globe.


In over five decades, Jersey has developed a breadth and depth of competitive products and services.


Jersey offers a long-standing and uncontroversial tax-neutral environment and the Jersey tax authority approves Jersey Trust Schemes. 


Jersey’s respected trust law, legal framework and trustee regulation is considered to be amongst the most robust in the world.

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Why Fiduchi?

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