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HR Blog: The Half Way Mark

HR Blog: The Half Way Mark

A Mid Year Review by Nivek Dove - Human Resources.

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Nivek Dove - Fiduchi HR Manager

As I reflect on our commitments to employees, I am proud to say weareworkinghard to keep our promises.

Fiduchi has propelled itself to the forefront of the Jersey Independent Fiduciary Sector. Our exceptional teams have embraced this with an eager appetite for growth.

In 2018 we shared our vision to expand globally. In a bold move in an uncertain economy, our Managing Director, David Hopkins executed his plan to open an office in Dubai before setting his sights on the City earlier this year. He listened, he directed. The team delivered.

Our Leadership has grown. Internal development has seen two Executive Directors promoted and a successful external recruitment campaign brought not only a very talented Client Director, but a step towards greater diversity too.

Our Shareholders continually invest in the development of expertise within our ever-growing team of multi-disciplined, career-driven professionals. They reward the Business in return by competing to be the best they can be. They study, they listen, they share.

We are creatinga dynamic environment which is motivating our peopleto infuse every stakeholder interaction with fresh ideas and a contemporary approach whilst passionately upholding ethical client relationship management and responsible growth.

Fiduchi’s roots boast over 25 years of genuine independence. Over 25 years of continuous growth. This is deep sector knowledge amassed and tailored to guide our valued clients through the economic changes, decade after decade.

We are enjoying a moment today to reflect and recognise the sheer determination of our exceptional people who lead our internal and external client relationships every single day.

We promised to provide opportunity for our employees. We promised to deliver market-leading technology, innovative products and a global footprint in which they can follow. They rewarded us with world-class service.

This week we celebrated thesuccess of our market-leading Private Wealth Team, the accomplishments of those who bring our marine expertise and the achievements of our Corporate and Funds services.

We are recognising our Operations Team who provide the foundation and we are taking a moment to remember that our success is dependent upon the confidence, ability and energy which all our people inspire in each other.

A huge well done to all for a fantastic team effort.

If you want to be a part of this continuously expanding business, where performance is rewarded, success is celebrated and innovation is crucial. Get in touch.

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