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Rebranding from Osiris Management Services to become Fiduchi

Rebranding from Osiris Management Services to become Fiduchi

Managing Director David Hopkins explains the reasons for the big change and why it is more than just cosmetic.

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I would like to share some exciting news by updating you on a number of positive changes that have been taking place at Fiduchi (formerly Osiris Management Services).

We will be celebrating our 25th anniversary next year! Established by the directors in September 1994, Osiris has successfully grown to a team of nearly 40 professionals…and we are still growing! As we have grown, our range of services has evolved into a broad offering including Corporate (Real Estate, Capital Markets and Employee Services), Private Wealth (including Family Office) and Yacht Services, with an increasingly international client base.

We have seen many competitors come and go. Regulatory and compliance burdens have increased, and yet, despite all these headwinds, Osiris is proud that our independence has been maintained... and we fully expect for this to continue for the long term.

However, as with any significant anniversary comes a period of reflection as we look to the future and consider how we best take the business forward to deal with the rapidly changing world in which we now live. We have taken some bold decisions which I wanted to share with you.

We've rebranded

Unlike many other industry competitors who only rebrand because of a private equity buyout or merger with another firm, Osiris has rebranded for a simple reason; our ambition is to continue to grow and secure the long-term success of the business. In our increasingly digital world, we recognise the need to refresh, update and modernise the way we face the market to ensure that we are better placed to attract the best and brightest talent to join our team.

Furthermore, we felt a change of name would also be necessary as we start to focus on new markets, especially in the Middle East and Asia, where the Osiris brand may not be appropriate to support the development of new business with specific clients in these regions.

‍We've changed our name to Fiduchi!

Fiduchi logo design
Designing the new Fiduchi logo
Fortunately, we managed to avoid many lost hours (and expense) with marketing consultants thinking of a trendy new name. We decided quickly that this is the name we would use. Fiduchi is a derivative name and a play on two words.

Firstly, “fiduciary”, which is a term closely associated with our industry. A fiduciary services provider has the responsibility to take care of someone else’s assets. The Latin word “fiducia”, which is where fiduciary derives, also has the meaning of trust and confidence. Fundamentally, this is what we do. We act as trustee and look after our clients’ assets.

Secondly, “chi”, a word from Chinese cultures referring to a person’s life force or energy. We feel that “Fiduchi” truly reflects our business and what we aspire to be and do - to bring positive, proactive energy to develop and nurture our client relationships, to safeguard their assets and business interests for future generations.

What does the name change mean?

We expect the name Osiris to fall away within a matter of months. Otherwise, there should be no noticeable difference in the way we work with you.
We are not moving, we are not increasing our fees, and we are not selling out!

Exciting times ahead

We are gearing up for the new digital world. In addition to recent significant investment into IT infrastructure, we have also recruited an in-house specialist to drive our marketing activities and to raise the profile of our business across social media channels. We expect that you will hear a lot more from us, and about Fiduchi, in the future! We hope to share soon some further exciting news about our plans to open a new office overseas as well as announce a couple of new senior hires to enhance our resource at director level. Our business will carry on as usual, but with these changes, and the investments we have made, as Fiduchi we will be better placed to support the future activities of our current and future clients.

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