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Fiduchi celebrates International Women's Day 2022

Fiduchi celebrates International Women's Day 2022

As the world looks to celebrate International women’s Day we thought it would be a great opportunity to hear from some of Fiduchi’s inspiring women and their perspective on life, opportunity and flexible working.

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Heidi Thompson, our Executive Director and Board Member is a mother of two, who enjoys extreme activities. After successfully leading our largest client facing team through the pandemic, she has certainly had a busy year. In  2020 she completed the CISI Islamic Finance Qualification to add to her First Class Honours Degree in Management with Trust and Estate. She followed this up by recently completing the STEP Advanced Certificates in Advising the Family Business and Family Business Governance to add to her growing list of professional qualifications.

Heidi’s Private Client Team has continued to grow reflecting another fantastic year of leadership whilst still finding time for exercise, work life balance and is always available when needed.

How does she do it?

In a rare moment of quiet, Heidi shares her shares experience of her career, the challenges and the highlights.

It’s been a challenging year for sure and like most people it has brought with it both highs and lows, and on occasion made me ponder the meaning of life!. I have focussed on challenges within my power of control and change whilst not allowing the demands beyond that, to overwhelm or distract me.  At Fiduchi we have succeeded by empowering the team, having a positive approach, quickly adapting to the new environment and embracing advanced technology.

Have you always wanted to be a leader?

After 15 years at HSBC, raising two girls to UNI age and reaching 40 in one piece I decided to use my experience in management to explore my natural propensity for leadership to make the move.  Whilst I have always worked directly with clients and will continue to do so, seeing employees empowered, striving to build their own career and building an open and inclusive culture is an area I very much enjoy and was keen to explore.

How does Fiduchi support your development and leadership goals?

Joining Fiduchi was a calculated move and a leap of faith all in one. Moving from HSBC and the comforts that a plc offers to an Independent Group is a bold move. The Business gave me time to consider my options, showed faith in me when I was weighing up the pros and cons of such a big change and then offered me an opportunity I couldn’t resist. I was recruited as Associate Director with a clear promotion plan which allowed me to get to know Fiduchi, our people and our clients before taking a seat in the board room. One of the things I enjoy most about working here is being able to offer that opportunity to develop, to others.

It has been a challenge at intervals but overall a rewarding experience and over time, I have influenced the business positively. I’ve had the full support of the Shareholders for two years and now have the autonomy to lead my team, my way.

If you could give one piece of advice to other women in the industry, what would that be?

One piece of advice I received many years ago has stuck with me throughout and made me tackle challenges I never thought I could deal with both in life and business, ultimately bringing me to the position I am in today:

“Feel the fear and do it anyway” Susan Jeffers although I didn’t get it directly from her

Life throws challenges at you both personally and at work, yes they are daunting but know that there will be an end to that challenge at some point. Be brave and go for it head on. Do not be told what you can or cannot do, the only person limiting your ability to attain your goals no matter how big or small is you.  

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