Stable as a rock in uncertain times

Why Jersey an award-winning International Finance Centre and Fiduchi are well placed to navigate the choppy waters, against a backdrop of growing regulation and geopolitical uncertainty.

January 29, 2019

The post-war period through to the changing millennium witnessed a world that was driven by globalisation. Cross border international trade, seeking new opportunities and markets were facilitated in doing so by using international financial centres that were tax neutral such that cross border money flows could occur without delay.

Stormy seas of a changing world

The events of the early 2000s, from the attack on the World Trade Centre to the global crash of 2007/8, and subsequent recession, has led to an increasingly changing world. The UK’s future relationship with Europe is very much unknown following the vote to leave membership of the EU by 2021. The rise of populist political parties across the world, particularly in Europe, will see a change in political landscape and thinking. The world is moving ever more towards protectionism. After a sustained period of stability, we are very much experiencing more in predictability.

The safe harbour that is Jersey

During such times, people and businesses will always look for a safe haven. Somewhere to ride out such storms caused by change.

This is very true today, and the rock that is Jersey provides such a safe harbour. Jersey is a leading International Financial Centre, built on solid foundations with an enviable reputation among its peers.

Jersey is a Crown Dependency, with its own democratically elected government, a judicial system founded on common law principles and independent legislature. Since 1999, the government and its agencies have worked towards ensuring that Jersey is seen as a “good neighbour” to both the UK, EU and the wider international community.

Jersey offers flexible solutions for individuals and businesses, supported by an experienced and skilled workforce. These solutions are often tax neutral such that international cross border flows can move through Jersey to be taxed in the relevant jurisdiction. It has a well-regulated financial services industry, including a regulated trust and company services sector.

Providing the right balance between privacy and transparency

Furthermore, Jersey has been at the forefront of many global initiatives related to tax transparency and preventing money laundering and the financing of terrorism. For example, Jersey has long had a register of beneficial ownership for corporate structures. Whilst private, recognising an individual’s right to confidentiality, the register is open to relevant competent authorities, subject to an appropriate legal gateway being in place.

Jersey has also been an early adopter of CRS and partakes fully in initiatives such as BEPs, and broader tax transparency initiatives. International bodies, such as the OECD as well as including from within the EU, have reviewed and recognised Jersey as being largely compliant with such requirements. The same applies to its adherence to OECD led initiatives related to countering terrorist finance and preventing money laundering. Jersey has already adopted measures requiring the identification and verification of beneficial owners or controllers, including the need  to understand why a structure is being established.

For individuals, Jersey can offer a well regulated jurisdiction for the safe custody of assets or for generational planning, particularly if the home jurisdiction is going through significant change. For businesses, Jersey affords the expertise to assist in international trade transactions utilising the benefit of  Jersey’s tax neutral position allowing free capital flows with the tax levied in the relevant jurisdiction. Jersey also provides a base through which investors can pool their assets with similar investors and invest globally for higher returns.

With the new economic substance legislation providing further credibility to Jersey’s leading position as an international finance centre and will continue to be one of the leading destinations for individuals and businesses to place their assets and undertake business.

Paul Coundley
Paul Coundley
Director - Operations
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How Fiduchi can help you steer your ship

Fiduchi understands the importance of such stability. Fiduchi has been a trusted partner for its clients and their advisors for more than 25 years, ensuring that their assets are protected, their structures are managed correctly, and compliance is maintained in accordance with relevant regulations and legislation.

Being independently owned, Fiduchi is truly able to service the needs of clients, both individuals and businesses. Having recently opened a representative office in Dubai, Fiduchi is positioned to meet the needs of globally mobile families and international business in these turbulent times, particularly as they seek wealth structuring and innovative investment solutions.

So, whilst you consider which course to sail in these stormy times, set your sails towards Jersey, and Fiduchi. We look forward to assisting you with your wealth structuring,  business planning or investment needs.

For more information call our team on: +44 (0) 1534 755155

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